Thursday, August 02, 2007

"Never Love More Than This"

"You ought to love a woman only so far as she adorns the doctrine you profess; so far as she adorns that doctrine, just so far let your love extend to her. When will she be worthy of the full extent of your affection? When she has lived long enough to secure to herself a glorious resurrection and an eternal exaltation as your companion, and never until then."

"Elders, never love your wives one hair's breadth further than they adorn the Gospel, never love them so but that you can leave them at a moment's warning without shedding a tear. "

"Should you love a child any more than this? No. Here are Apostles and Prophets who are destined to be exalted with the Gods, to become rulers in the kingdoms of our Father, to become equal with the Father and the Son, and will you let your affections be unduly placed on anything this side that kingdom and glory? If you do, you disgrace your calling and Priesthood. The very moment that persons in this Church suffer their affections to be immoderately placed upon an object this side the celestial kingdom, they disgrace their profession and calling. When you love your Wives and children, are fond of your horses, your carriages, your fine houses, your goods and chattels, or anything of an earthly nature, before your affections become too strong, wait until you and your family are sealed up unto eternal lives, and you know they are yours from that time henceforth and for ever."

- The Prophet Brigham Young
June 15, 1856, Journal of Discourses, Vol. 3, p.360


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Yeah, Brigham Young was a real piece of work, wasn't he?

Of course, women in the church today don't have it much better. They are told that they are respected and that they play a vital role and that they are equal to men, but it's obviously not true.

amuirin said...

I think that's horse pucky.

The only way to that 'celestial kingdom' is to know love for another that eclipses one's love for one's self.

Paul said...

It seems to me, Sister Mary Lisa, the Abrahamic religions in general have a problem figuring out that women are the equals of men. Whether one is talking Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, there are millions of people who would deny, on religious grounds, the equality of men and women. Fortunately, that seems to be changing a bit.

Oh, Amuirin, there you go again! The only person who agrees with you is Jesus -- and what did he know? He wasn't even a Christian, for God's sakes!

Ashwin said...

"...never love them so but that you can leave them at a moment's warning without shedding a tear. "

This, coupled with his idea that we should not "place an immoderate amount of affection" onto things seems like good stuff. I like it.

What I don't understand is why Joseph Smith would refer to God in the plural? LDS is Christian, no?

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Paul, societies worldwide seem to have a problem with figuring out women are equal to men. So sad.

It IS getting better in some cultures, marginally.

Paul said...

That's a good point, Sister Mary Lisa. The fact men and women are not treated equally can anger me at times if I let it -- and I seldom feel anger over anything. But, the oppression of women is especially onus to me for a number of reasons, some of which are admittedly personal.