Friday, August 03, 2007

"Can You Spare A Blog, Mister (or Ms)?"

For long, lonely days and cold, bitter nights, I've been scouring the vast reaches of the internet for good blogs to read. It's not a pretty job and it's fraught with danger, but I want to expand my blog reading by an order of magnitude. So if you have a favorite blog you're willing to recommend to me, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm mostly interested in blogs that are updated regularly. Topic hardly matters so long as the writing is good. Thanks!


decrepitoldfool said...

Blog reading can quickly get out of hand, but here are some of my faves:

Pretty wide range of perspectives in that bunch.

Kay said...

"The Gods Are Bored"

Anne updates her blog daily, is an amazing writer, writes about almost anything, and is funny as hell.

"Spiritual Cowgirl"

Sera is the author of a book called "The Red Book." I always look forward to her posts, updated weekly.

"Pagan Godspell"

Sarah Sutterfield-Winn's blog. Incredible writing. She has a way with words that I envy. Very poetic.

"Dancing Down the Moon"

"Conversations with God"

The last two links are from Dianne Sylvan, the second one being the link to a stirring series of posts she calls "Conversations with God." No Neal Donal Walsh here though.

ordinarygirl said...

A Whore in the Temple of Reason is a well-written, interesting blog about reason in our unreasonable world.

Just Married Chilean Style is written by an American girl living in Chile with her husband.

Trent Stamp's Take is written by the President of Charity Navigator, a non-profit organization that monitors charities.

The Whatever is science fiction writer, John Scalzi's blog about whatever he feels like writing about.

Paul said...

Thank you DOF, Kay, and Ordinary Girl! I've added each of your suggestions to my bookmarks and will be reading those blogs to see how I like them now. I appreciate this!

C. L. Hanson said...

I have the opposite problem: too many interesting blogs to read. I guess I could try to make a list of the most interesting of the bunch, but it's hard to know where to begin...