Saturday, August 11, 2007

I Need Some Advice

I've been thinking of migrating from Blogger to Wordpress. I haven't made up my mind yet, but does anyone know what the pros and cons of such a migration might be?


Mystic Wing said...

I'd caution against it. The wordpress sites I visit don't seem all that well designed, and it also seems to be a bit unfriendly to comments.

Kay said...

I've used blogger and I've used wordpress, and I like wordpress much better.

It's easy to tweak and there are many templates (some good, some not so good).

You can import all your posts from here to there.

The downside is redirecting your traffic to your new site, which is a pain in the ass (as you know I know). ;-)

decrepitoldfool said...

I have many friends who migrated from Blogger to Wordpress. I went from Blogger to using Expression Engine, but it's a bit more than I can handle so if I had it to do other again, I'd probably go with wordpress.

The question is, how geeky are you? There are two kinds of wordpress sites. One is on Wordpress' own hosting on That is super-easy and certainly a good way to go. The other (and I have at least two friends who do this) far geekier option is to download the wordpress software, and upload it to a PhP-enabled server, you own hosting account such as on GoDaddy. This gives you a lot more flexibility but of course requires more tech time.

When I was on blogger, I got tired of long delays and poor responsiveness. The last post on the blogger account had a big link in the middle that said "DOF has moved to..." with the new address. It went pretty smoothly.

I do believe Wordpress has a blogger import function which is nifty.


I vastly prefer the interface at Wordpress to the one here. Among other things, there is a notification scheme for Wordpress users of replies to comments that one has left on other Wordpress users blogs. There are other things that are convenient and a bit entertaining. For example, Wordpress provides (with no effort) lists of the search terms people have used to find your site. Also, I prefer the TOS at wordpress.

Jonathan Blake said...

Count me as a vote in favor of Wordpress, though I host it on my own server so I don't know about their hosted service. I like to be in control of my websites, so Blogger wasn't for me. I made the transition pretty early on. Blogger is better for those who don't want to be bothered with a lot of maintenance. I maintain a few, small Blogger blogs because I want to focus on maintaining only my main blog.

Webs said...

If you need any help moving to Wordpress, email me:

I have some experience in tinkering with it. I am sure you will love the switch, cause it just gives you more control to do what you want.

Kay said...


I did the second option that DOF mentioned. I bought and registered the domain address through hostmonster (which has the best rates right now). Two years was around 184.00. Then I uploaded the wordpress software and went from there. I find it much much better than hosting the blog for free on the wordpress site.

Firefox has an FTP interface called FireFTP which is super easy and makes uploading themes and pictures a snap.

I've taught myself most of this (with the help of the hubby). I find it fascinating. I don't even come close to being a tech geek and I've figured it out. :)

Oh, and Wordpress has tutorials too, and a book (which I own but haven't used yet).

Loren said...

Are you using the free Blogger,

If so, Wordpress will be more expensive as you will to pay to have your site hosted.

When I was using blogger, it seemed to require very few technical skills. I host Wordpress at hostingmatters, not Wordpress, so there is quite a bit more technology required.

That said, Wordpress seems superior in most ways to blogger. There is certainly more flexibility in designing a site using Wordpress.

The plug-ins alone offer considerable flexibility. Askimet has virtually eliminated problems with spam.

vin said...

Depends on what your actual requirements are. To decide you may want to look at :

Ultimate Blogger Wordpress Comparison Guide

Paul said...

I'm still undecided about moving to Wordpress, but I just wanted to pop in and express my gratitude to everyone for your help and advice. It's deeply appreciated.

Krish Ashok said...


Painful. Easy
Clumsy. Elegant.
Free. Free
Closed source. Open Source

Wordpress is much better. More themes, and the option to host it on your own domain in addition to freely hosting it on

Bibliomom said...

I used to have a blogger blog and it was much more difficult to tweak and individualize for me. Also I really like the ability to see stats. I get the weirdest hits from the weirdest searches. I get more hits from Anderson Cooper Gay than anything. Today I had a hit from a search on Johnny Depp Light Switch Plates. It makes smile. What I'm trying to say is that I like wordpress better. But I'm not a professional.