Monday, August 27, 2007

Where Your Favorite Internet Café Ranks Number One!

Yesterday, I noticed Café Philos had gotten a series of hits from around the world for the search term, "be true to oneself". So, I checked out Google and discovered that your favorite internet café comes up number six out of 2,240,00 hits for that search.

Naturally, I was pleasantly impressed, but not so impressed that I decided to write to you about it. After all, being number six is not quite the same thing as being number one. But today... today, I discovered Caf
é Philos actually does rank number one for a vital and important search term!

The search term is, "recent nude deal between India and the US".

Out of 390,000 references to the "recent nude deal between India and the US", Caf
é Philos beats 'em all.


The only problem with this astonishing accomplishment is that I have absolutely no idea what the recent nude deal between India and the US is about.

Of course, I most strongly hope it means the fearless leaders of both India and the US have worked out a landmark cultural deal to exchange nude bloggers between our two great nations. Such a deal could only benefit the rapidly growing International Nude Blogging Movement.

Yet, I somehow doubt that's what's up with the "recent nude deal between India and the US". Instead, I fear the search term is a reference to the recent nuclear deal between India and the US. The 123 Agreement. About which I posted a short note here. The comments on that post are well worth reading, by the way.

Well, at least this community is number one for nude deals between India and the US. And if and when any such deal takes place, we will be perfectly positioned to reap the publicity from it.

Just think of the fame!


Gary said...

Congrats! You have got me smiling for the moment, at least until I go and check out those links you provided.

Mahendra said...

Ha ha ha, you've got me smiling as well!

Why don't you spearhead such a nude deal between our countries, Paul? As you said, you may become a millionaire! - if you're not already one that is :-)

Rambodoc said...

Nude blogging, and 'how to become a dirty old man at 50'..... my God, Paul, your life is set. YOU HAVE ARRIVED, I mean "Have you COME?"

Paul said...

Thank you, Gary!

Hi Mahendra! Surely you're right: Someone should spearhead a nude blogger cultural exchange between India and the United States! Not only would such an exchange create closer ties between our two great nations, to the consternation of the Chinese dictatorship, but it would also drive Puritans in both nations absolutely bonkers -- which is always a worthy goal, I think.

Hi Rambodoc! LOL! I can only hope that my days of "arrival" are far from over at 50!