Saturday, August 11, 2007

Is This the Sexiest Look on the Net Yet Known To Man or Woman?

I came across this photo over at The Primate Diaries and was floored. On a scale of 1 to 10, the model flat out achieves an 11 for sexy looks. She's either a very good actress, or she's about to jump the photographer.

I should be clear: What strikes me about this model is not her obvious physical beauty, but her expression. Even an "ugly" woman indulging in an expression like that would be powerfully sexy -- a force of nature. And it's that fact which most fascinates me about the photo.

At any rate, I'm struggling mightily this morning to deny my natural impulse to heap cash, jewels and expensive electronic toys at that woman's feet. Have you ever wondered how a mere look can have such an effect? That is, why does that expression affect me even though it's neither meant for me, nor am I otherwise attracted to that woman? Any comprehensive answer to those questions would need to deal, on a very fundamental level, with the power of art to move us.


Faisal said...

Well, i disagree with you in here when you say (Even an "ugly" woman indulging in an expression like that would be powerfully sexy).

I tried to look at a lot of photos of the same nature of expression and it didn't attract me as this one did.

If she wasn't pretty, no body would notice her, and you wouldn't even post her picture in here, and even if you did, i suspect that anyone would react upon it the way you did.

Nevertheless, i would agree with you that an ugly woman showing the same expression would look sexy to me, only if she mean something to me, not just a stranger.

Jonathan Blake said...

I think she's attractive, but the look is a bit too aloof for me. In fact, I don't find this picture that provocative. Perhaps I just have a face reading disability. :)

Ashwin said...

Is that Charlize Theron?
She's hot, outright, regardless of the visage, though it obviously adds to her attractiveness.

However, I don't think an ugly woman could pull it off the same. Plus, the fact that she is hot, leads us to enjoy her facial expression.

Find a picture of an ugly woman making that pose and then we can decide. Otherwise, I agree with Faisal.

Paul said...

Well, Faisal, at least we agree that if the "ugly" woman meant something to us, that look would be powerfully sexy. I'm inclined to think I'd be happy to see that look on anyone's face, though. But maybe that's just because at my age, I don't get too many women who look at me with wanton desire anymore. :)

Jonathan, her aloofness strikes me as a bit of a challenge too.

Ashwin, I wish I could find some photos of "ugly" women with sexy looks -- it would be fascinating to compare them, wouldn't it?

Rambodoc said...

REgardless of how much you try and intellectualise this, it is man's essential horniness that would find a look like that as sexy and attractive. Given the right mood and moment, man would find even a cow sexy and attractive!
And, BTW, Wordpress is far more sexy than Blogger (I am four days old in Wordpress!)

Paul said...

Welcome Rambodoc! How did you know about that cow? I swear, if she had not looked at me like that, I would never have proposed to her! It's not my fault at all.

Rambodoc said...

Zis Paul haz ze sense of 'umor, too?