Friday, August 10, 2007

Which Is More Important?

Which do you believe is more important:

1) To love ourselves and others


2) To follow a moral code


ordinarygirl said...


The first would give rise to the second if people had consideration for one another.

Paul said...

Good morning, Ordinary Girl! I quite agree with you there. Besides which, a moral code uninformed by love so often leads to ugliness.

Webs said...

Love is the most important thing we can do as a species. Without love there will never be an end to violence, racism, and social classification.

Paul said...

Webs, you've hit it spot on!

Anonymous said...

They are the same.

Faisal said...

Love for wise people is a treasure, but sometimes, love drive some people to do bad things because this is how they see love.

An ordinary individual might harm others accidentally because the source of all what he wanted to do was "love". That's why, i believe that we have to follow a certain moral code which we know to be fair and logical but at the same time, to think of what we are doing not to fall a prey for a blind belief, to be moderate. :)

Paul said...

That's an interesting perspective, Patty, but I'm not sure why you think they are equally important. Do you care to elaborate?

Faisal, I love that line, "Love for wise people is a treasure"!