Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dietrich on Sex

"Sex. In America an obsession. In other parts of the world a fact."

- Marlene Dietrich


Mahendra said...

I don't know Marlene Dietrich, but she sure needs to visit other parts of the world!

Rambodoc said...

Ah, Paul!
Mark these original words in gold, sorry bold, in your cafe:
For Americans, sex is obsession, for Europe, it is recreation, for Indians it is procreation, and for the rest, it is secretion!

Webs said...

I think many Americans treat sex as this hush hush topic that no one can talk about because for some stupid reason it is taboo. Probably due to reasons for how the religious treat sex, but really is sex that bad of a thing? Are we to hate our bodies and our self so much that we can't talk about sex or just friggin enjoy it?

But what erks me even more is how TV shows portray parents talking to their kids about sex. They show the parents as fumbling idiots, they show them talking to kids when the kids usually already know about sex, and the whole situation is just shown as awkward. It's all BS! It really doesn't need to be like this.

Sex is one topic with many that I wouldn't want my kid learning from, their friends, a porno, or some pandering politician that created a worthless program wasting our tax dollars.

sporadicblogger said...

paul-unfortunately, it is not a fact in India. I wish it was.

rambodoc- lol.

Paul said...

Mahendra, Marlene was a German born movie star who died in 1992.

Rambodoc, that's a classic!

Webs, I think one of the worse parts of the hush, hush attitude is manifested in the resistance we see to sexuality education in the public schools.

Hi SporadicBlogger! Good comment. Yes, I kinda figured Marlene was exaggerating a bit.