Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why Do People Listen to Hate Jocks?

In my neck of the woods, there lives and breathes a hate jock.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure, a "hate jock" is a radio program host who says hateful things on the air in the hope that by doing so he will draw a large audience of listeners. The bimbo hate jock who lives much too close to me works for a major radio station that broadcasts to 38 states and three countries. He is a very popular bimbo talk show host, and is on the air five times a week.

I very seldom listen to him. I simply do not want to be bombarded with his stupidity, to say nothing of his hatreds. I've seen too much of both stupidity and hatred in my life, and nowadays neither stupidity nor hatred is nearly as entertaining to me as intelligence and love. So, it's been about two months now since the last time I tuned in the bimbo.

Yet, I'm wondering this morning why so many people find the fool entertaining? I'm wondering why so many of his callers agree with him? I'm wondering why the company that employs him allows so much stupidity and filthy hatred on the air? But most of all, I'm wondering what it says about us as a society and a culture that we condone bigots like him to broadcast to 38 states and three countries, but won't give decent people the same chance?


Webs said...

From that movie about Howard Stern, I remember hearing that when Howard was just getting big the radio station looked at their polling. More people claimed they didn't like him than liked him. Both groups, when asked, responded they listened to him to see what he was going to do next.

Deep down we are not puritans. We like excitement, the unknown, the outlandish, and the disgusting. But we just won't admit it cause then we wouldn't look proper and such.

I do not listen to any shock/hate jocks. I listen to NPR and sometimes a couple decent radio stations we have here. That is it. I choose not to support those assholes. YouTube has plenty of vile and disgusting videos to satisfy my hunger. :)

Paul said...

Excellent comments, Webs!

Faisal said...

People need someone to blame, and they do need also someone to laugh at.

Musafir said...

Faisal is on a role with this comments. Once again, I agree with him.