Saturday, August 25, 2007

Enlightenment Is Simultaneous

"The insight that everybody and everything has surfaced to the enlightened state of mind simultaneously with you is definitely accompanying the very moment of realization. This is why you know that the reality is perfect. It is not perfect in its potentiality, it is perfect in its fully actualized state, standing with you hand in hand, face to face."

"This feeling is extremely pronounced in the first several weeks following the enlightenment. Talking, even thinking about it is felt to be as superfluous as asking a fellow passenger on a train: "Are you, too, traveling in this train?" It's meaningless. Since everybody else is also enlightened, what's there to talk about?"

- Alex Bunard Source


amuirin said...

Huh. Ha. Wrapping my head around this... missing.

You know what I always find? I'll experience something amazing, mind-boggling. A feeling or a recognition of something wondrous/wonderful and I was so DAMN bad for the person I'm with to be experiencing it-

and it hardly ever happens. Sometimes... once in a great, precious rare moment it will happen.

Those moments hafta sustain through the endless loneliness of being.

(always kind of a head-trip when you realize that your path through life, however surrounded by others, is going to be a solitary journey)

amuirin said...


not was