Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fine Things Come From the Store

Were you a gift?
Were you bought?
Did I steal?

Love should last a lifetime,
Don't you think?

That's what we shopped for.

Was not your virginity our warranty?

We do not much talk, you and I;
I think it would be crazy to struggle through...
Through a decision twice.

You are some very fine thing
That came from the store.

Be good. Don't break.
I'll love you 4-ever:
Through temptations, beyond betrayal;

Even through to leasing storage
In my heart
Beyond the interstate.

But were you a gift?
Were you bought?
Did I steal?


ordinarygirl said...

This poem reminds me a little of my dad giving me the speech about buying the cow when my husband and I moved in together (before we were married). As if sex is a bargaining chip to make a man behave.

I like how you repeated the first stanza at the end to continue the question, unresolved.

Paul said...

Thank you, Ordinary Girl! I'm very happy the poem reminds you of that. I was a bit concerned when I posted it this morning that the poem wasn't written well enough for anyone to get, but that shows me you got it. Thank you so much!