Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Reflections On Anne's "Ranger Hall"

Dear Anne,

I've been thinking about what your poem Ranger Hall might mean about you as a poet and writter.

I think someday you will write as beautiful prose and poetry as you want to write. You have more talent, I think, than I had at your age. In fact, if we were the same age, we would not be equals --- you would be the better poet. I could never have written Ranger Hall at 18, which was your age when you wrote it. Nor could I have at that age written prose as well as you do.

I don't say those things to flatter you, but only to let you know why I believe in you.

I suspect you have real genius in you. But all sorts of things can go wrong with genius --- genius is only a first step. So, please allow yourself to be fair to yourself, and honestly recognize your talent and skills. It won't hurt you to do so, so long as you deeply realize that genius is but a first step.



Michel Hiernaux said...

Hi to both of you; what a wonderful site!

I can see I'll need much more time to browse, but from what I have seen, you have done a wonderful job; I love the art, the poetry, and all........

Rather than leave a comment to each and every poem and art, I hope you'll accept my thanks for the opportunity to share in both of your wonderful works. Yo have a fan!


Paul said...

Thank you for your very kind and cheering words!