Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Latest American Dream

("The World Trade Organization proposes to privatize all the world's water...[to]...promote trade." --- news article)

Me, I want to own Lake Michigan
And sell its tears to Chicago,
Or ship it to replenish the Oglala
And make the American desert bloom

Or maybe by aqueducts
Drain it into Texas
Where the world's six billion will come
Invited by Rush Limbaugh, host,
To live on a half-acre each
(Or is it a quarter now?)
In Tex-Utopia:
A suburb of Dallas
With splendid bluegrass lawns.

I know where to get
The concrete for the channels
But I haven't figured out
What to do with the Michigan fish:
They stink without water, you see.
And the problem is,
When I get to Texas
Will I still smell them?

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