Sunday, March 11, 2007

In The Aftermath Of A Crime Against Intimacy

Remember the night we drove through snow
Down to Canyon City?

You were pissed at Jeff again,
And wanted to play chicken with the trucks

While thinking yourself in love with the one who hit you.
But we got to the pool at any rate

Where you stripped like a girl of too few years
Cheating on her mother

Then lowered your brokenness into the naked water,
A sad eyed waif of nineteen and still satin skin.

Did you really believe, Suzanne, in the man and his love?
You never bothered to cry that night or any other,

But confusion seeped from your skin
Into the weariness I swam in.


Michel said...

Wow! Wonderful poem; so vital, so strong; a lovely piece of work Paul!

Paul said...

Thank you, Michel! I apreciate your comment!

amuirin said...

You speak so tenderly of your subjects...

Sarah. Allison. Alyssa. Suzanne...

there's five more I think;
a circle of muses.

Paul said...

I so enjoy the comments you leave on my poems, Amuirin! You always make me very happy.