Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Justification To Kill

Don Iannone has published on his blog, Conscious Living Poetry, an anti-war poem that includes these thoughtful lines:

So many young soldiers--ours and theirs
--hiding behind their uniforms, and their guns
that separate them
from the people they kill.

Does anyone still believe the 27 reasons the Administration gave us for going to war in Iraq were any of them the reasons the Administration itself had for going to war? Iannone doesn't buy the public reasons either:

War means just one thing:
Justification to kill
for reasons that will always
be buried in the small print--
the very smallest print possible, which
nobody can read, even in their native language.

Iannone goes on to condemn participation in any war, not just this latest one. While I can understand the idealism behind that sentiment, I also know unilateral pacificism simply doesn't work. For what happens when only one side shows up with weapons and prepared to fight? You get the Holocaust.

Quotes from Iraq, by Don Iannone.

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