Friday, March 16, 2007

Café Philos, the Name

Do you wonder why this blog is called "Café Philos"?

The reason is not complicated at all. In ancient Greek, the word "Philos" meant "love". Specifically, it meant certain kinds of love, such as the love of someone for their spouse, the love of a craftsman for his or her craft, the love one might have for horses, the love of brothers for each other, and so forth. When deciding on a name for this blog, the thought occurred to me that I might try writing as much as possible in the spirit of love, regardless of what I was discussing. Hence, the philos in the name.

Why a "café"? Well, because the range of topics for this blog is so broad as to resemble the range of topics one might expect to hear in a coffeehouse or café. That is, just about anything and everything having to do with life, the arts and sciences is fair game.

And that, in sum, is why the name, "Café Philos".


patty said...

All love is one love.

Paul said...

That seems to me a very astute observation, Patty.

I do think that all love is one love. Yet, I also think that it can be of practical use in communication to at times play the game of distinquishing different kinds of love. I'm going to need to think more about this -- and perhaps post something on it.

Thank you for an interesting comment!