Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I've Been Waiting For This...

This morning, Decrepit Old Fool, has put up a list of five of his favorite politicians and five of his not so favorite politicians. I've been waiting for him to do it ever since he announced last week that he would.

What made me so interested in his list is that DOF is remarkably non-partisan -- perhaps the word ought to be "objective" -- in an age when increasing numbers of people see all truth on one side and all falsehood on another. "Objectivity" is just another way of saying you let the facts guide you where they may. And that seems to be what DOF has done with his two lists of five each, which you can find here. Pretty sound lists for a Decrepit Old Fool!

I myself am still debating who my favorites and not so favorite politicians are. If and when I come up with enough of each, I'll join DOF in this fun. He's got an open invite to anyone who wants to join in the party to do so. So, enjoy!

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