Friday, August 17, 2007

The Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Call me cynical if you must, but the thing that most amazes me about the 123 Agreement between India and the US is the normally incompetent Bush administration helped arrange something that will benefit both the US economy and the Indian economy -- and very possibly the environment of both nations, too. It's almost as if they had a moment of lucid good sense. Whoever dropped Prozac into the Administration's water supply is to be applauded. But what do you think of the deal?


Loren said...

If a country as sophisticated as Japan has problems running nuclear plants safely, what chance do you think India or, worse yet, North Korea has of running one safely?

Do you think we should look forward to more Chernobyl-like incidents in the world?

Priyank said...

India has a safety record regarding nuclear plants since 1974.
Anyway, like Paul said, the Bush government did something other than selling arms to military regimes.

It must be noted that in spite of having nuclear technology for over 30 years, India neither went the Iran, North Korea, Pakistan way, nor did it shamelessly proliferate its knowledge assets like China did/does.

Accidents happen everywhere. That reminds me of Bush's reaction to Virginia univeristy shooting. His solution: Sell more guns. :)

2008. Time for change! Amen.

Mahendra said...

Yeah, even the incompetent Bush administration couldn't miss the value of the deal!

I liked your term "moment of lucid good sense"! I used a similar one in my post: "a rational light bulb moment"! :-)

Paul said...

Loren, you raise an extraordinarily important point. It seems nuclear power is a bargain with the Devil. On the one hand, you have its potential to reduce worldwide carbon emissions since it produces none. On the other hand you have its potential to release nuclear pollution that would last tens of thousands of years. Given how dangerous both global warming and radioactive pollution are to our world, it's not at all an easy choice, methinks. It's great to hear from you again!

Hi Priyank! I agree India has behaved responsibly when it comes to nuclear proliferation. I note, for instance, that it has not sold bomb technology to other countries, unlike Pakistan (to Libya), and Israel (to South Africa), for instance.

Thank you, Mahendra! :)

Nita said...

Loren, in answer to your comment, I would say that as Japan (a country which I hold in high a esteem as the US) has had a problem, so could anyone, including the US.