Monday, August 13, 2007

Should This Be Required Reading In Churches Everywhere?

Brendan McBride has posted a masterpiece here. Some excerpts:

"[H]e mentioned a sermon he heard recently that he really liked about how each of us was one of either of the two thieves crucified with Jesus - the one who professes faith and is forgiven his sins and the one who presumably is sent to Hell by the Loving God. As he mentioned this, I interjected that there where three people up there, and ask[ed] why would he 'want to identify himself with anybody but Jesus' if given the choice?"

"Identifying one's self with Peter in a story starring Jesus is like reading a Batman comic and dreaming of someday being Robin, or reading Superman and wanting to be Jimmy Olsen."

"Why would anybody aspire to play the role of the bumbling sidekick in the story of their own life?"
Those excerpts only begin to do justice to Brendan's full post, which is well worth reading more than once. You will be doing yourself a favor to stop by his blog today.

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amuirin said...

Worthy recommendation.