Thursday, August 30, 2007

Come Celebrate Our 100th Post for the Month of August!

This is the 100th post for the month of August. What could possibly commemorate such a grand achievement?

Well, I looked around the house and discovered just the thing! So, anyone who drops by Colorado Springs to party hardy with me in celebration of this month's 100th post will not go away empty handed. No, sir! Not at all!

I fully intend to present any and all partiers with -- at no cost to them -- a FREE Lipton tea bag!

This valuable commemorative tea bag is destined to be cherished by you. Each tea bag comes with it's own fine cotton string, making it ideal for steeping in hot water. The string can then be recycled as dental floss! An added value -- but not an added cost!

Do we know how to party, or what?


Rambodoc said...

Wonderful! I wish you more foolfilling times with such teasers!! :-)

Kay said...

When was the last time anyone told you that you are really really really weird? ;-)

Don't give away all the Lipton. I'll be right over.

Braveheart ( Ela) said...

When I hear Colorado, I think of a huge ranch with horses, and life without rush, and freedom of fresh air, and of course spring water.

Irresistible invitation.

amuirin said...

You are too, too kind to us, Paul.

*tears up*

ordinarygirl said...

I'm on my way! ...but only if you still have that shabby backyard. :)

Oemar said...

Since you said 'dental floss', I hope there will be BBQ served with the tea ;)

Guitar's Cry said...

Does the Meaning of Life come with it?!

Priyank said...

Congrats Paul! I'm coming there right now ;)

decrepitoldfool said...

Congratulations! Hope many more posts are on the way :-)

Also, try Red Rose tea. And Republic Of Tea's "Vanilla Almond". (it also comes in decaf)