Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Instead of IT, Make it IA

India, renowned for "information techology" (IT) highways and byways, retires into the gentle confines of "intelligent art" (IA), slick, surreal, but contemporary, perhaps not outlandish, and yet far removed from traditional South Asian art styles.

Here are several I found in my search, the majority of them displayed and auctioned in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) art houses

Eye Wonder by Arunanshu Chowdhury, 2004
Water Colour on Paper
Sold for $3,846

Real by Barun Chowdhury, Water Colour on Paper, 2004
Sold for $821

Animal Form by Yashwant Deshmukh, 1990,
Oil on Canvas
Sold for $2,436

Passion by Shankar Ghosh
, Bronze, 2006
Sale Pending

Fall 2001 by Suman Gupta, 2001, Acrylic on Canvas
Sale Pending ( $1, 154)

By Jehangir Jani, 2006, Acrylic on Canvas

Sale Pending ($6,410)

By Paresh Maity, 2007, Water Colour on Paper
Sold for $43,590

Bond of Friendship by Jagannath Paul, 2007, Acrylic on Canvas
Sold for $4,516

By Riaz Samadhan, 2007, Oil on Canvas
Sale Pending ($2,308)


Paul said...

I love your selection, Musafir! You've got a great eye for the stuff!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

That watercolor sold for over $43,000?? What?

I'd love to sell any painting! So far, I've been commissioned to do portraits, but to have a show and sell fine art pieces would be a dream to me.