Monday, August 13, 2007

Why Did Karl Rove Resign?

As you might know, Karl Rove has resigned, effective the end of August. He publically stated the reason for his resignation is family. But do you buy that? If not, what do you think are the real reason(s) for Rove's resignation?

My own hunch is he's realized the Bush Administration has nowhere to go but down and that even he cannot prevent them from sinking.

BBC story here.


Jamie said...

I would venture the guess that actually he's more likely preparing to support the next Republican front-runner. Whoever that is will want to at least give the image that they are distanced from Bush as you see a lot of incumbent Republican Congresspersons doing as they prepare for re-election. Rove is the golden child of the Republican Party so I can't see him not being involved with the new replacement, which could get very sticky if he's still in the Bush Administration.

Paul said...

That's a fascinating possibility, Jamie! Thanks for posting that!

By the way, I stole yet another quote off your blog. Hee hee. This time the quote on feminism being the way we live now.

amuirin said...


stevo said...

Good news.

Will there be a pre-emptive pardon granted?

marxsny said...

I think it is common practice for criminals to flee the scene of their crime.

Paul said...

Stevo, I'd bet on it if Rove is prosecuted for anything.

Marxsny, I think you may have hit that one square on the head.