Friday, August 24, 2007

Rush and Karl Caught In An Act Of Mutual Masturbation

When bimbo talk show host Rush Limbaugh recently interviewed bimbo presidential adviser Karl Rove on the radio, things quickly turned into an episode of mutual masturbation.

That might be the only way to describe the level of unreality they managed to jointly achieve.

For instance, in one short exchange between them, Rove begins by asserting that people who harbor any doubts about Bush are, "sort of elite, effete snobs who can’t hold a candle to this guy. What they don’t like about him is that he is common sense, that he is Middle America.”

That statement alone is so far out it must be considered masturbatory. In current poles, over 70% of Americans -- about 210 million people -- have serious doubts about George Bush. Are all of those millions "elite, effete snobs"? Is it possible that not one of those 210 million people thinks well enough, is sharp enough, to at least "hold a candle" to one of the world's foremost village idiots?

Yet, Limbaugh, with half his brain tied behind his back, easily swallows Rove's happy ejaculation. He asserts the reason that Bush critics are frustrated with the President is because the President “outsmarts ‘em.” But the only people the President has outsmarted are Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, and the less than 90 million out of 300 million Americans who still support the President. Limbaugh is simply indulging himself by joining in Rove's wild fantasy.

Comedy aside, it's unlikely that critics of Bush are worried about the President outsmarting them. During their six years in office, neither Bush nor his staff have shown themselves to be smart. True, they have surprised us. But not with their brains -- with their blunders.

Bush is a loose cannon. He combines at least two traits that make him unpredictable: First, he is delusional. Second, he is lawless. Like any loose cannon, there is no telling what he will do, except that it's unlikely to be constructive.


woundedhart said...

What a sad, sad world we live in if that moron outsmarts us. My sweet 20 year old SIL who is from a super conservative, sheltered Mormon home told me once that when she hears Bush speak, she doesn't understand the words he's saying.

It seems like those guys, and most of the few who support Bush, are still deluding themselves and trying to convince us.

amuirin said...

Oh my...

I'm really glad I didn't hear this circus act. It might have ruined my breakfast.

Webs said...

Hmm... a conservative circle jerk. I thought that was an oxymoron.

I'm really glad I didn't hear this circus act. It might have ruined my breakfast.
More than enough reason for me not to listen. But I present another idea with shock jocks.

Just don't listen or pay them any attention. Attention is what they thrive off of. Think Simpsons episode where the Advertisements run wild through the town.

decrepitoldfool said...

I once saw a fellow wearing a ball cap which bore the thought-provoking slogan; "Masturbation is not a crime". Nor is it in any way perverted, dehumanizing, or against the national interest.

The careers of Rush and Rove are all those things.

woundedhart said...

I just noticed my stupid mistake. My SIL said she thinks BUSH doesn't understand the words he's saying. Like he's reading the script but doesn't have sufficient vocabulary for comprehension. I was trying to make the point that just because you grow up sheltered doesn't mean you are easily deceived.