Thursday, August 16, 2007

The New Denver Art Museum Extension

I took most of the day off from blogging to go see the new Denver Art Museum extension, which you see in the above photo. The Rockie Mountains are said to have inspired the design. In person, it's a gorgeous titanium-sheathed building. Both the exterior shapes and the interior spaces are fascinating. And of course, someone stuck a bunch of great art inside of it.

Can a building inspire you so much you feel smarter? Sometime ago, I read of a study that somehow found a correlation between children's IQ's and the architecture of their school. According to the study, the more stimulating the architecture, the higher the IQ's of the kids. In a way, that makes sense to me, despite that I have some very serious doubts the authors of that study were able to control for all zillion variables that were surely involved in studying any link between school architecture and student IQ. Still, the Denver Art Museum extension is so stimulating both inside and out that you perk up and at least feel smarter and more alive when you visit it.


Rambodoc said...

It looks awesome, Paul! Human achievement in whatever form will be a fertilizer for young minds to germinate and blossom.

Mahendra said...

Very, very interesting!

Read The Fountainhead.

Paul said...

That's a beautiful way of putting it, Rambodoc!