Monday, September 10, 2007

Where Are the Carriers?

There is a report three carrier strike groups will be in the Persian Gulf region by the end of September. In itself that doesn't mean much, but combined with the drumbeat to attack Iran, which is reportedly being orchestrated by the Vice President's office, it could be part of a build up to war. Too early to tell yet.


Webs said...

What most people don't realize is that following the end of the first gulf war, we still had carriers hanging out in the Persian Gulf. One of my good friends was stationed on one of those ships. He said at least every week we were shotting missiles into Iraq, sometimes other countries.

To me this means very little, especially since I still believe the American people would not allow such a war. I think just about everyone is sick of wars right now.

Mahendra said...

As I've talked of my hope before on this blog, I agree with webs.

I don't think the "Administration" can politically afford a war in the near future.

Paul said...

I hope you're both right, Mahendra and Webs, and that I'm worried for nothing. If we do go to war, it will be a disaster on a scale that will make Iraq look like a sideshow. We might win an earlier military victory, but we can never win politically -- the whole world would line up against us.

AfriPuppy said...

Debkafile 'apparently' reported today that on Friday, 28 Sept., Russian engineers and experts working on the Bushehr Reactor suddenly packed-up and left back to russia. Sounds like they know of something 'imminent', especially since russia's support in the construction of Bushehr has significantly warmed of late so why the sudden pullout?