Friday, September 07, 2007

Homer Snavely Weighs In On Intelligent Design

Without knowing Homer Snavely I can't tell whether he is actually fool enough to believe the nonsense he wrote to the editor of The Lebanon Daily News ("Lebanon", in this case, is the town of Lebanon, Pennsylvania). Perhaps he was just being playful -- or sarcastic. At any rate, I found it so funny I just had to share it with you. Here's an excerpt from Mr. Snavely's letter:

The public needs enlightenment on the truth of intelligent design as increasing numbers of the world’s greatest scientists are yielding to the compelling and mounting evidence of this burgeoning movement. In recent years the erroneous teaching of Darwinism and life by random chance is becoming unraveled and exposing itself for what it really is: a bankrupt philosophy masquerading as a science with the aid of fake fossil mills loose in the world.

I’m confident that in the not-to-distant future the information-revolution will sound the death knell for Darwinism. The hard evidence of technology will shake the pillars of evolutionary theory and toss them into the dustbin of history. When America restores true Bible science and accountability to our Creator God into our political and educational institutions, we’ll have taken a giant step toward healthier national character and the prevention of crime, life without purpose and the consequences of our condom culture.

Those fossils are fake, Bible science is true, and it's time to turn in your condoms. What could be more sane?


ordinarygirl said...

And there he openly admits what most ID advocates deny. ID is just a tactic to get religion taught in public schools.

Paul said...

That's an excellent point, Ordinary Girl!

Anonymous said...

Does his "mission" remind you of Agent Smith in the Matrix?

BobC said...

"Perhaps he was just being playful -- or sarcastic."

No, creationists believe this stuff. This kind of stupidity can't be faked. Creationists get all their information from liars. Creationists are gullible, dumber than dogs, and they have made America an international joke.

marxsny said...

I grew up in that area of Pennsylvania and I don't think he is being playful or sarcastic. I am wondering about this technology that will "toss evolution into the dustbin of history". Is this a novel technology, itself resulting from intelligent design? Or a newer tecnology that, dare I say it, evolved from a previous, less advanced technology?

woundedhart said...

Did that guy just say "true Bible science?" That's like a triple oxymoron.

Mahendra said...

Woundedhart: //triple oxymoron//

Ha ha ha!!! You have me in splits!

Paul: I'm just reading Dawkins, and this is so, so, funny!

Paul said...

Hi Patty! I really don't know -- I've never seen "The Matrix".

Hi Bob! Welcome to the blog! I agree Creationists are usually "dumb" about many things having to do with evolution, but many of the Creationists I've met are actually quite smart about other things. That's what scares me: How smart people can either be so misled, so ignorant, or so willfully ignorant.

Hi Marxsny! I suspect you're right that Homer is sincere. Either that or he's a masterful satirist. I've looked up other letters to the editor of his and it seems he's pretty consistent across the board in his support for Creationism.

His rhetoric is damn amusing, isn't it?

Great point, Woundedhart! I wish I'd pointed that out!

Mahendra, when you finish Dawkins, please let me know what you think about him -- maybe you could post an article on your blog? I'm very interested in knowing what you make of him.

tmark said...

I respect all comments given; however, please don't close your mind; be certain about your eternity--where you will spend it after you die; this isn't about religion, but about truth; sincerely seek Jesus and he will satisfy your deepest longings; he has for me