Monday, September 03, 2007

I should like to point out...

Earlier this week, during a half-hour lunch break, I added an entry to a forum of people who attended my high-school.
It was one of those private, all-girls, Catholic high-schools. Quite pretentious. I dropped out in grade eleven and finished on my own, anyway. But I was invited to join the St. Thomas Aquinas C.P.S.S. forum and write a short summary of what I had been doing since last attending our school.

I tried my best to tame it down, I really did. I left out a lot of stuff.
I didn't even make reference to any large rental mistakes, or shady jobs in bad cities.

The site subscribes to an advertising element, which is designed to pull key subjects out of content, and display relevant ads.

Beside my virtual reunion speech, once posted, was an ad for the Liver Disease Clinic of Manitoba.

I have never lived or spent time in Manitoba, for the record.

Is it paranoid of me to feel odd about the advertising servers blunt statement about my life since grade eleven?


Ed Yong said...

It works the other way too. Google Ads seems to rate me and keeps on festooning my emails with ads for kung-fu films and, once, a full set of samurai armour.

I am therefore liable to think that I am *actually* an awesome master of kungfoolery and get arrested.

amuirin said...

I'm sure it was just a random kind of thing... but-
drink lots of water, all the same.

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