Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tragedy in South Asia

It seems that no matter what tragedy strikes in Asia, only those topics which involve Western tourists ever reach the ears of Western media sources. This is one drop in a tidal wave against it, but these are human lives.

Flooding continues in India and Bangladesh, with Bangladesh taking the brunt of nature's fury. Over a 1500 are believed to be dead in Bangladesh, and somewhere around 300 in India from drowning, disease, and snake bites, after rivers continued to overflow.

Bombs rocked the South Indian city of Hyderabad on August 25 of this year, killing 40 people and injuring 50-80 people altogether. The city is a place of past Hindu-Muslim tension, but is also a place of unity for both religions.

11 were killed on an attack in the oldest Mosque in India during prayers, while another attack on a Mosque killed 7.

Did you know that India has the most amount of deaths caused by terrorism than any other country with the exception of Iraq?

A lot of blame is to be put on Islamic extremists, who cause the brunt of these attacks within in India and in disputed Kashmir, but it says a lot about the rampant bureaucracy and corruption inherent in the current Indian political mindset.

I realize Sunstone enjoys criticizing the Bush administration, but let's face it. After 9/11, how many Americans on home soil have died from terrorist attacks? None.

South Asia bears the brunt of the attack on human life.

Forgive me for the Indocentric rant, but it needs to be said for the lives of those who have been lost as well as the families who have been hurt by it.

It seems the American media, however, could step up their game.



Mahendra said...

Musafir: thanks for posting about this. It is refreshing to see this coming on a non-South Asian blog!

Paul said...

Great post, Musafir!

amuirin said...

You're right about Western media outlets. I live in America, and I didn't know any of this.

Nita said...

Reading something like this on Cafe Philos was a pleasant surprise! We in India get a lot of world news, but it is not that common to get this sort of thing in American media I guess.
India has the most amount of deaths...when I read this in the papers earlier this week I felt nothing. I felt numb.