Monday, September 03, 2007

Astute Political Commentary?

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that some political blogs provide commentary that is far more astute than most anything you can find outside of the blogosphere these days?

I mean, the mainstream media is all but a joke these days. But so is the alternative media: The cable news channels, the radio talk shows, and the alternative press. The real analysis seems to be taking place on a few blogs.

Am I right about that? Am I overlooking anything? Please let me know!


amuirin said...

You're right. Anyone who has to field comments has to be sharper and tighter in their reporting than some big-wig media name who doesn't hafta respond to the people listening.

I think Bill Maher should start pitting 'known journalists' against some of the major political bloggers on his show and see how dumb the latter make the former look.

StaCeY said...

I would actually be very curious to know what you, Eryn and Brendan and Michael all think of Alan Watt-
(also Alex Jones-
But MOSTLY I wonder what you all think of Alan's take on the world... and why it is how it is.

Alan and Alex are about as close as I come to "the news" (which I believe is 90% distraction and illusion from what's ACTUALLY going on in high places... and behind secret doors...)

Ed Yong said...

I get all my news and commentary from The Week (UK and US versions available).

It works on the basis that individually, newspapers and commentators can be one-sided boring and ill-sighted, but if you pick the best stuff from the entire lot, you actually end up with something quite readable.

The Week's always good for getting the opposing viewpoint.

Mahendra said...

Sometimes when I need to clarify something to myself or for my blog, I try to look it up. Rarely do I get answers on mainstream news media sites. I get answers some times on blogs. Sometimes I've to find my own answers!

I agree with Ed in a more generic sense: newsmagazines are providing much more insight than newspapers these days, at least here in the Indian media.