Monday, September 10, 2007

Nude Blogging: Now More Needed Than Ever

The above illustration of two women visiting an art museum is taken from a German children's book. A couple of months ago, the children's book was about to be published in the United States when alert editors of the American publisher noticed the tiny stature had a tiny penis.

Naturally, the editors immediately realized that (1) the tiny penis would pose an overwhelming threat to the morals of America's children, and (2) the book simply could not be published without censoring the tiny penis out of existence.

The German author, Rotraut Susanne Berner, refused permission to censor the penis (unless the censorship was done in an obvious fashion), and, consequently, the book has not been published in the all-too-prudish United States.

To the morally insane there can be no compromise: Even an artist's mere suggestion of a penis is enough to elicit gasps of disbelief and outrage from them. Worse, one should never expose children to the fact they have genitals. Knowing they have genitals will only cause boys and girls to grow up to be hippies who lack the moral fiber to bomb other civilizations into the stone age and who most certainly engage in pre-marital sex.

It's enough to make you wonder why psychologists have been so slow to identify prudishness as an emotional disorder. We are not talking about extremes here. We are not talking about a children's book that provides kiddies with a how-to for deviant sex. We are only talking about an exceedingly mild and natural thing: simple nudity. Yet, that's more than enough to upset the morally insane among us. Upset them enough that a Children's publisher dare not publish a vague illustration of a tiny penis.

Which is why you must blog nude this Monday. Only by declaring your resolution to show the world that nudity is not morally corrupting can you and potentially millions of others like you take on the moral stupidity of people who would censor a tiny penis from a children's book on the grounds it somehow will hurt kids to view it.

Full story of the children's book here.

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StaCeY said...

Well ok. I'm on board for the cause JUST THIS MONDAY. But NO web cams. (I did after all grow up in a world of fully clothed childhood illustrations. You can't expect EVERYTHING!)

I'm on my honour.

decrepitoldfool said...

"The author said staff at Boyds Mills Press appeared to be acutely embarrassed about their objections but told her they feared being confronted by hundreds of offended parents, if they went ahead and published the book in its existing form."

It's about what I expected; the publisher noticed the teenie weenie and thought "Oh crap, there'll be thousands of right-wing morons at my doorstep by morning!" And they were right.

Sometimes sheer annoyance is the most powerful weapon of censorship. As Hawkeye Pierce said; "Stop! The mind can only take so much gibberish!"

Mahendra said...

In India, the sheer annoyance can lead to shattered glass windows and broken furniture! These editors are better off!

Paul: thanks for sharing this wonderful little story.

Paul said...

Hi Stacy! LOL! I fully trust you, so there's absolutely no need for webcams!

Hi DOF! A very good point: Regardless of what the staff itself feels about the illustrations, they are certainly realistic to expect the drawings will outrage the morally insane among us. I just wish more people had the courage to stand up to those lunatics.

You're welcome, Mahendra! I can only imagine how much worse it must be for things like this to provoke window and furniture smashing.