Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Resemblence Between Your Life and A Dog

I never intended to have this life, believe me --
It just happened. You know how dogs turn up
At a farm, and they wag but can't explain.

It's good if you can accept your life -- you'll notice
Your face has become deranged trying to adjust
To it. Your face thought your life would look

Like your bedroom mirror when you were ten.
That was a clear river touched by mountain wind.
Even your parents can't believe how much you've changed.

Sparrows in winter, if you've ever held one, all feathers,
Burst out of your hand with a fiery glee.
You see them later in hedges. Teachers praise you,

But you can't quite get back to the winter sparrow.
Your life is a dog. He's been hungry for miles,
Doesn't particularly like you, but gives up, and comes in.

Robert Bly, Morning Poems

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laurie said...

I like this Paul...bittersweet. A good part of life really is just showing up, wagging your tail, loving unconditionally. I was looking at my 14-year-old lab last night as he slept next to our camp fire. He's gorgeous but how many days go by without my noticing this? Some days he really irriates me, and it crosses my mind (Lord forgive me!) that maybe it's not such a bad thing that is days are numbered. But like some day my kids will be grown and gone, he too will be gone and then there's no going back.