Friday, April 27, 2007

A Late Night Thought

A wise friend emailed me last night. In her email, she pointed out something I excel at and mentioned that, of all the things I do, she thought that was what I did best.

So far as I can see, she was right. Not only do I excel at that particular thing, but it's what I do best. But here's the catch. Recognizing that I excel in that one thing is very close to recognizing that I don't excel at everything I do. And that is humbling. In thinking over her email, it came to me how much I depend on her and others to do the tasks that I myself either cannot do or can only do poorly. Consequently, her kind words made me feel both very vulnerable and grateful at the same time.


Mystic Wing said...

As protection against this kind of thing, I steadfastly acknowledge that I do nothing whatsoever very well.

When things do turn out well, I'm always pleasantly surprised, so this strategy is quite excellent for me.

I came to this point several years ago, when recognizing that I could find no evidence that perfectionism has caused any happiness for any human being, anywhere in the world. Hence I gave it up altogether.

Paul said...

Good points, Mystic!

I think it's wise to do the best we can, according to our own unique natures. But doing our best does not -- at least it does not for me -- imply perfection.

Anonymous said...

Well, that settles it. You are perfect, at being human. :)

Paul said...

Hi Chell!

I'm perfect at being human??? I can tell you have not spoken with my ex! :)