Monday, April 09, 2007

Bush Lost the War

Sam Crane of The Useless Tree is making an heroic effort to start an important meme on a journey around the internet.

The meme is, "Bush lost the war", and the reason it's far more important than most memes making the rounds of the net is easy to figure out with a moment's reflection. Everyone knows we live in an age of spin, and everyone should realize that we are very soon to be deluged with spin about who lost the Iraq war.

The Administration will try it's best to pin the blame on anyone or anything but itself. They will be joined both by their allies and by opportunists looking to take a dig at their favorite targets. Likely targets of the Administration, it's allies, and the opportunists range from the military, to the so-called "liberal press", to the American people, to the Democrats in Congress, or on to some other group. Everyone but the real culprits -- Bush and his Administration -- will be fair game for someone. But why put up with this bullshit?

Sam Crane is idealist enough to believe that if enough bloggers pass along the meme, "Bush lost the war", we might -- just might -- influence the talking heads on the various networks to at least consider the possibility that Bush did indeed loose the war, rather than everyone but Bush.

It's an interesting experiment. Can the common people vote in this spin game with their blogs? Or, are we required to shut up and take whatever spin the Karl Rove's of the world dish out to us as gospel truth?

Time will tell, but if you are a blogger, this is your chance to express the truth that Bush -- and no one else -- is responsible for loosing the Iraq war. He lost it when he invaded Iraq without a viable exit strategy. He lost it when he invaded Iraq without enough troops to handle the invasion's aftermath. He lost it when he disbanded the Iraqi military, thus setting tens of thousands of armed men loose without jobs or income, and nothing better to do than form an opposition. He lost it when he failed to rebuild Iraq in a timely fashion. He lost it when he failed to provide the troops to secure Iraq's borders. He lost it when... You get the picture.

So, if you're a blogger, please give serious consideration to passing the meme along. If enough of us do so, we will be heard. And if you're not a blogger, there's a little email icon at the bottom of this article. By clicking on it, you can send this post along to a friend, thus doing your part to spread the meme. Thank you!

UPDATE: There's more information on this subject here.

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scott stiefel said...

Aye, he loosed the war upon us. And then the Idiot Boy King lost it. Verily, he was the one that did lose it.