Thursday, April 12, 2007

Carnival of the Vanities

An internet carnival, I've discovered, is a round-up of blog posts that adhere to a specific theme. There are hundreds of carnivals on the net these days. Taken together, they cover nearly every topic imaginable, from politics to birds.

One of the first internet carnivals was The Carnival of the Vanities. Unlike many other carnivals, the Carnival of the Vanities doesn't focus on any one topic, but rather focuses on good writing. It's purpose is both to encourage better writing from bloggers, and to provide a single net location where folks can go to find good writing on a variety of topics.

When I found all that out last week, I decided it might be fun to submit an entry to the Carnival and see if it passed muster as good writing. The entry was my post on Buddhism and the Grand Debate Over Evolution. I'm happy to say it passed muster with the powers that be, and is now part of this week's Carnival of Vanities.

The 238th Carnival of the Vanities is published here, and you can click on over there to find other good blog posts from the past week. Enjoy!

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