Thursday, April 19, 2007

From Around the Net

Brendan at Off the Beaten Path posted on Giordano Bruno yesterday. It's said of Bruno that, "His conclusions were simply unbelievable for a late medieval mind." Brendan, who for some time has been working diligently on one of the central problems of the 21st century long before it has been discovered by most people to be one of the central problems of the 21st century (Namely, how we are to reconcile science, the arts, and mysticism or spirituality), approaches Bruno in an especially fascinating way here.

At Hug the Monkey, Susan interviewed Micheal Gurian on Teens, Sex and Love back in January. However, nothing in the interview is any less topical today for being a few months old. Gurian's comments on the psychology of young women especially is rich and insightful.

Laurie, at Just Another Day, once again proves that all concerned citizens must band together to organize a "Draft Laurie" movement with the goal of persuading her to both post more often and then, sometime in the future, turn her posts into a book. In a post here, she writes beautifully, thoughtfully, and movingly about explaining loss of life and tragedy to her two young daughters.

At Decrepit Old Fool, George writes the single most wise commentary on the Virginia Tech shootings that I've yet to find on the net.

Kay, over at Songs of Unforgetting, has posted a clarifying explanation of Indra's Net and the Buddhist concept of "dependent origination" which, if I understanding it, is an alternative to the Western concept of linear cause and effect.

Anyone interested in how Japanese women are awakening to new social roles should check out Yang-May Ooi's brief review of Kickboxing Geishas on her blog Fusion View.

At Mystic Wing, Mystic wrote a few days ago on the concept of "Rigpa". I've returned several times to his post -- it's that good -- even though it makes me wonder like Chung Tzu whether I'm a butterfly dreaming of being a human or a human dreaming of being a butterfly.


laurie said...

Lol Paul! Thank you for the mention. You are starting to remind me of the wonderful creative writing teacher I had as an undergrad...he was so encouraging I had a hard time choosing between creative writing/English and biology as a major. I went with the bio...but hmmm...maybe it's not too late for me. ; -)

Paul said...

Draft Laurie! Draft Laurie! Draft Laurie!