Friday, April 27, 2007

The Growing Nude Blogging Movement: Q & A

Monday is only three days away as I write this -- and with Monday comes the moral obligation of all decent bloggers to blog in the nude. So, I thought I would answer some common questions from those few people who have not yet joined the Nude Blogging Movement.

Q. If I blog in the nude on Mondays from my office, can my boss fire me for violating the office dress code?

A. Legally no. The office dress code applies only to dress. Since you will be undressed there is no way a rational judge can say the dress code applies to you.

Q. I love to multitask, but is it safe to blog in the nude on Mondays while working heavy construction as a crane operator?

A. Perfectly safe. That's why your industrial crane has a cab: To keep the construction dust off your laptop.

Q. What if my kids see me blogging in the nude on Mondays?

A. Good question! We can all imagine how embarrassing that would be. Nevertheless, I feel you should not be ashamed to admit even to your kids that you're a blogger. Kids are resilient. It's our spouses we have to worry about.

Remember: By blogging in the nude on Mondays, you strike a blow for a future world in which our descendents will have risen above the ridiculous moral confusion that says the sight of even a single nipple will plunge society into moral decline.


Your Moral Duty To Blog In The Nude

It's Monday! Time To Blog In the Nude!


laurie said...

But you forgot the most important question, do we have to limit ourselves to Mondays for blogging in the nude?

coturnix said...

Oh, you were normally supposed to be dressed when you blog? I had no idea!

Paul said...

Laurie and Bora, it is obvious to me from your comments that you are not only the sort of morally decent bloggers who blog in the nude on Mondays, but that you are also so extraordinarily moral that you blog in the nude 24/365! Way to go!

Brendan said...

Think of where this leads, though. Today nude blogging. Tomorrow nude commenting. The temptation to strip is hitting me even as I write this.

Think of the children.

. . . the Children!

coturnix said...

Only rightwing bloggers blog dressed - they need to protect their tender parts from all the cheetos dust and crumbs.

Paul said...

Hi Bora!

I tried to comment earlier on your excellent blog, "A Blog Around the Clock", but I was blocked from posting my comment! I strongly suspect James Dobson has something to do with the blockage. Any ideas?

Paul said...

Hi Brendan!

You're quite right to be concerned with the children. Lord only knows what they would think if they knew we blogged. That's why it's advisable to blog in the nude: Your nudity might distract them from seeing what you're really doing.