Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bush Lost the War

Over the coming months, it will become increasingly apparent the Iraq war is lost. That, almost certainly, will lead to a political blame game that will further divide the country at a moment we need to be united. The Ann Coulters, Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys and other fools will see an opportunity to question the patriotism of everyone but themselves -- and they will be led in that moral mistake by none other than Bush himself.

Bush never was much of a man, and he almost certainly won't be man enough to do the right thing and take full responsibility for the war he started and lost. That's a shame because the best thing Bush could do for his country now is take full responsibility for loosing the Iraq war. Doing so would go far to ameliorate the divisiveness that always follows when a country looses a war.

Yet, this time around, we have choice given to us by the internet. We can passively allow Bush and his friends to spin the lost war as everyone's fault but his own, or we can actively oppose Bush by declaring far and wide over the net that it was Bush who lost the war. Which do you think is the better choice?

If you agree Bush lost the war, spread it far and wide on your blogs. Pass it on to friends, family and co-workers. Make it the talk of the nation. Don't let Karl Rove decide for you what the truth is. Let's take back the truth!

(There's more information on this topic here and here.)


Paul said...

What floors me is that enough Americans were taken in by him to reelect him - supposing we can still trust close election results. By that time it was clear to anyone who watched more than Fox News that the Cheney-Bush administration had bungled the war, even supposing you thought a "premptive war" was a good idea to begin with.

Paul said...

Hi Paul!

You just put your finger on something that stunned my faith in the American people. Until Bush was re-elected, I thought the majority typically made a resonable choice in an election. But the 2004 outcome was so wrong that my faith in the majority has seriously suffered from it.

Thanks for you comments!

Brendan said...

Was there ever anything to "win"? It was an occupation from our standpoint and a civil war from theirs. I still have never heard anyone explain what a "win" is in Iraq, and what it has to do with our military.

marxsny said...

We lost this war on the day we started it and none of the alternate perceptions of reality fed to us by Bush, Cheney and John McCain will change my opinion. George Bush and all the "Ann Coulter Christians" who support him are responsible for every death, causualty and drop of blood shed in Iraq. I've put quite a bit of effort into "spreading the word". Let's hope our effort pays off.

Paul said...

I completely agree, Marxsny. The way the Administration handled this war reminds me of the adage, "If you're not planning to win, you're planning to loose." The planning for this war was amaturish at best. Hence, we are now loosing it.

And, Brendan, I don't believe the Administration actually had any more sophisticate plan going into Iraq than "get Saddam". That's all they did, and that's all that mattered to them, I think.