Sunday, July 22, 2007

Musafir? Who Is Musafir? (An Introduction By Musafir)

Before I even attempt to assuage your anxious hearts with triumphant dialogue concerning idealistic, political revolution, or those burning philosophical questions (which you undoubtedly already harbor answers to anyway), let me address the issue of my name.

Musafir (mu-saa-fir) - Hnd. a passenger - one who travels by any means of transportation, with the ability to be used literally as well as metaphorically (i.e. the passenger on the train of life)

Being "tagged", however, allows me little room for digression, having tried so hard, already, to win your attention through verbose and complex sentence structures, which may or may not be in vain, considering that they are indeed, verbose and complex, no doubt also maintaining...

ad infinitum.

The Eight Things You Wish You Knew About Me
(No really, you do. Trust me)

1) Currently residing in a small town in southern Michigan, about which its adolescent members spare no words in jesting about - "too white for its own good" (which it is) and "drug free" (Haha!).

2) This is the first blog I have ever posted on.

3) Am I Asian? No. I'm Indian. We have our own ocean and our own tectonic plate... and please, tell me the last time you confused a brown man for the Chinese.

4) I listen to music no one my age (plus or minus 30) knows exists - Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Bobby Darin, Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers.

The '50s, baby. There weren't any civil rights, but I love it.

5) What I find amazing about the Internet is its ability to unite people from social categorization that would divide them or otherwise prevent contact, primarily age groups. I'm probably younger than most of you, or at least Sunstone, but then, who isn't? (I mean, he has kids... :O)

6) Are you done reading yet?

7) If anyone asks me what I am doing tonight, see #8

8) The same thing I do every night, folks - try to take over the Internets.


Paul said...

Welcome to the blog, Musafir! Thanks for being a good sport and posting those eight things about yourself. I was especially interested in your observation that the internet allows people of different backgrounds to come together. I think one of the things you'll bring to this blog which will interest everyone is a radically different point of view from mine. Again, welcome!

dilshod said...

hmmm...... hello !