Thursday, July 19, 2007

At What Age Are Women Typically the Sexiest?

I'm not sure I thoroughly care at what age women are typically the sexiest, but the question still amuses me enough to pose it this morning. Especially since silly American culture seems to insist that real women are not sexy -- rather, mere teens are. Fashion is driven by 16 year olds. So, at what age are women typically the sexiest?

My hunch is most of us will think first of the age at which women look the sexiest. Nothing wrong with that. The women who are held up to us as sexy are almost always women we know through the media, and the media emphasizes not only youth but looks too. So it's almost natural for us to think, "sexy = pimping good looks". But can we think outside that box?

In real life, isn't sexy, like charisma, most often associated with behavior rather than merely with appearances? And if that is true, shouldn't we take into account such things as the sexual confidence of women when asking the momentous question?

I've read psychologists who assert that around age 35 most women undergo a sea change in their attitudes towards sex. They gain vast sexual confidence. Let's suppose that's true. If so, would that explain why -- in real life -- a 30-something woman can often create in men more sexual excitement than her younger sisters? I don't know, but I'm tossing it out as a definite possibility, and my nomination for the typical age at which women are sexiest.

Of course, I don't mean to imply by any of this that women older or younger than 30-something cannot be drop dead sexy. Instead, I'm merely suggesting that women in their 30's tend to reach a sexual peak. There are exceptions to every rule. Besides, the real point of this exercise has been to question the common American notion that female sexiness belongs almost exclusively to teenagers. That's just silly.


Webs said...

Good Question, but I don't think I can answer it. For the question assumes that age matters. And to me how a woman acts, her personality, and what she says make more of a difference to me. Not to be clicheish, but I really would rather have a woman with larger intelligence than larger breasts.

decrepitoldfool said...

I'm probably going to be identified as a pig after this, but when I see prospective students strolling around the campus in the summertime, coeds with their mothers, I usually look past the daughter and notice the mom.

Guitar's Cry said...

Sexiness is definately something that comes from within!

I find that I am not all that attracted to the mainstream version of sexy. I like different--at any age!

Mystic Wing said...

Anything 40 and up. Grown up women, in other words. They are just so darned much more interesting when they are past the 20s and 30s.

Brendan said...

Women were at their sexiest when I was about 19.