Tuesday, July 17, 2007

From Around The Net

Here are some posts from around the net that I've found especially interesting:

Trinifar reviews Paul Roberts' book, The End of Oil here. If you haven't read the book, you should at least do yourself the favor of reading this well written but brief review of it.

In this post, Decrepit Old Fool asks whether the infamous PZ Meyers of Science Blogs is "a jerk or a blow hard". If you've read any of Meyers' vicious attacks on religion and believers, you probably won't find it too one sided that DOF limits the poll choices to "jerk or blow hard." But if you have never read Meyers', then DOF's post is about as simple, truthful and direct an introduction as you will get to Meyers.

The Art Makers Blog has an article on Mark Jenkins' sculptures here. His creations are worth a look in part because they are entirely done out of scotch tape.

Mystic Wing has just begun a series on the notion that "God = Happiness". The first article is here. That's something of a radical notion. One hears "God is love", "God is Truth", and so forth but I don't recall anyone before this equating God with happiness.

Brendan, over at Off the Beaten Path, asks "Who Killed God". Perhaps the answer sheds some light on why so many deeply spiritual people refuse to affiliate themselves with religions these days -- or for that matter, with God.

At There's No One Driving the Plane, Marxsny has written an hilarious piece touching on Senator David Vitter. Vitter, you might recall, is the senator from Louisiana whose name recently turned up on the client list of a Washington madam.

Susan, at Hug the Monkey, has written a very nice article on how we model the people we love.

At Not Exactly Rocket Science, Ed tackles the cynicism in the scientific community about altruism when discussing some recent studies of chimpanzees here.

Last, Michael Cole makes a strong case for introducing a very much needed new word into the English language here.

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