Thursday, July 26, 2007

Café Philos Commemorates It's 300th Post!

This marks the 300th post to this blog.

If you are one of the lucky few who have read all 300 posts, please sign up here for your free ornamental bronzed kumquat from your friends at Café Philos.

You'll want to proudly display your bronzed 300 post kumquat on your fire place mantel to commemorate your glorious accomplishment. Or -- if you don't have a fire place mantel -- we suggest you display it on your bathroom toilet tank to remind you of this day and make visitors to your home envious of your good taste.

Each bronzed kumquat comes with a certificate of authenticity painstakingly photocopied from the original certificate, which shall be kept our offices.

Your 300 post commemorative kumquat is free and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Shipping and handling is a mere $295.00. Act today and order this amazing work of art that will unfortuantely last a lifetime!



Under normal circumstances, I don't start reading a blog until it has at least 300 posts. That way, I can be confident that the blog either has staying power or is about to go defunct leaving me sadly disappointed that I started reading so late.

Of course, these are not normal circumstances. So far as I've explored the bits of this universe, I've noted a distinct lack of normal circumstances which makes me wonder why they're called that.

amuirin said...

I thought it would pass, but I really do have quite a powerful yen for a bronzed kumquat.

See what you started.

Paul said...

"She who can resist a bronzed kumquat hath no heart." I think that comes from the bible, Amuirin, but I could be wrong. Maybe it's only that it should come from the bible.