Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Monday! Y'all Should Know What That Means

Nude Blogging Day!


amuirin said...

I love your nude blogging posts. Those are great. I'll have to come back and take more time.

The Violence/Nudity question, I'd much rather have my kid see nudity. Violence does cause harm.

Had to do some research for an article on Nudism and was surprised by a lot of what I learned. Children raised in nudist colonies usually have a much healthier outlook on sexuality, they're less self conscious about their bodies and have a healthier body image.

Also, many nudists colonies are harder to get into than the most upscale country clubs, because they are so wary of being mistaken for a sexual commune. They're like.. conservative.

Paul said...

Thanks Amuirin! Coming from such a gifted writer as yourself, that means a lot.

At the nude resorts I've been to, I've never noticed rude or crass behavior, such as someone ogling anyone. Surely it happens at times, but it seems rarer at nude resorts than it does on a city street.

I certainly agree that hanging out at a nude resort does seem to reduce self consciousness about your body. And some of my female friends have told me their experiences helped them form a healthier body image.

Although I've only been to one resort I would consider conservative, my impression is nudists even at liberal resorts are much less likely than most folks to confuse simple nudity with sexual invitation and licentiousness.