Sunday, June 17, 2007

Starting A Summer Project

Yesterday, I met Libby. I was sitting at a downtown coffee shop, listening to a friend sing for tips, when Libby showed up. She knew my friend, exchanged greetings with him, and then introduced herself to me, who was sitting next to him.

When Spring came this year, I decided this would be the summer I got downtown more often, re-connected with old friends who I haven't seen in some cases for years, and meet new people. As it turns out, yesterday was the first day of my big project to get downtown more often, and Libby was the first new person I met.

The nice thing about the downtown area is you can meet anyone from the mayor to the homeless at some of the coffee shops -- you don't get put in that strange socio-economic box that comes from having friends who are all alike. That's one of the reasons I decided I'd get downtown this year to meet people rather than, say, out to the suburbs. The other reason is the downtown here is a genuine community. Folks know each other. Out in the suburbs, there are many people who don't even know their neighbors, let alone anyone out of their work circle.

Libby didn't impress me as any different than anyone else until she moved to introduce herself to me. Something then in her eyes, her look. She's the sort of person, I'd guess at this point, who takes a serious interest in others, tries to look inside you, and perhaps figure out who you are. Is that too much to read into a look? I don't know, but I might find out as the summer goes on.


decrepitoldfool said...

A few months ago I read about a study that ran an analysis of facial expressions in high school yearbooks, attempted to predict state of mind from those expressions, and then followed up by questionaire 20 years post- graduation. Turned out the analysis was quite accurate in predicting how happy the person would say they were 20 years later.

Apparently there CAN be a lot in a look, even when disguised for a formal picture.

Rob said...

Seems some people actually are interested in others. These are very rare and take some recognising. In today's cynical society it takes us a while to realise that the person we have been fortunate enough to meet is more concerned about us than themselves. Libby sounds like one of those rare people.
I hope life doesn't remove it from her.