Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Question Of Truth

Today I heard on the news that the United States has "proof" Iran is supplying militants around the Middle East with arms -- including the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Mostly, I believe it. But shouldn't I be a bit careful to believe anything the current Administration puts out as "truth"?


decrepitoldfool said...

I completely believe it, because it's what I would do if I were Ahmadinejad. A foreign superpower invaded the country to the North, and the country to the East, and they want me to sit on my hands? I'd tell my scientists "no vacations!" until I had a nuclear arsenal. I'd support militias to keep them busy.

But so what? What does it prove, what course of action does it make clear?

Ashwin said...

Maybe, but you wouldn't have any say in it if Bush decides to invade Iran before his term is up. And then later figures out Iran wasn't doing it.

Paul said...


Ahmadinejad would be something of a fool if he ignored the implications of being labeled part of an "Axis of Evil" by a power that almost has him surrounded, wouldn't he?

Loren said...

Would this be the same proof that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?

Does anyone believe that arms aren't also coming in from Saudi Arabia or from other allies?

What did Russia do when America provided arms to Afghanistan rebels. Or America do when Russia provided arms to Vietnam?