Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Are Our Thoughts About Ourselves, Ourselves?

It seems most of us at one time or another confuse the map with the terrain when we believe our thoughts about ourselves are ourselves.

That's to say, the map is our thoughts about ourselves. The terrain is who we are. Yet, so often we think what we think about ourselves is who we are.

I can think of myself any number of ways that are not likely to be borne out by my experience of myself. I can believe all sorts of things about myself that simple observation will disprove.


Ashwin said...

Bit confused about this one.
If we think about ourselves, does it infer that there is another objective self that does the observing?

Paul said...

I don't believe thinking about ourselves implies another self that does the observing because the self is a process rather than a static thing or being. That's my hunch.