Monday, June 11, 2007

Save Julie! Blog In the Nude!

News Item: "A[n American] jury convicted Julie Amero in January on four counts of 'risk of injury to a minor' because her PC displayed pop-up ads for porn sites that could be seen by her seventh-grade students. The charges carry a maximum 40-year prison sentence."

There's some pretty raunchy porn on the internet. Porn that I would not willingly show to a child. least they get the wrong idea about sex. Even so, most porn on the net is unlikely to injure a minor. So, how could it happen that a substitute teacher faces a possible 40 year prison sentence because her students saw porn? The explanation cannot be that seeing porn really risked injury to a minor. Rather, the explanation lies in America's moral hysteria concerning all things sexual.

We need to kick the stuffing out of that moral insanity. By blogging in the nude on Mondays, you show your solidarity with such people as Julie Amero, a woman who is being persecuted by the morally insane members of our society. By joining the rapidly growing Nude Blogging Movement, you strike a blow for a saner society. Join today! You have nothing to loose but your clothes!


Loren said...

Reminds me of an time several years ago when I followed a local paper's link to and ended up on a porno site that could only be shut off by pulling the plug on the computer.

Makes you wonder whether juries are more confused about computers or nudity, doesn't it?

I walk around the house naked rather regularly, but personally find it uncomfortable to sit at my computer without clothes.

decrepitoldfool said...

Fortunately it appears a retrial is unlikely, now that it has come to light that the "expert testimony" in the case was, uh, wrong. She won't go to prison but I imagine her career as a teacher is over, all over anti-porn hysteria to say nothing of misunderstanding how computers work.

Mystic Wing said...

Problem is that I often blog from hotel rooms while traveling on business, and sitting naked on the vinyl chairs makes me wonder just who the hell might have been sitting their naked before me.

Any advice?

Paul said...

Hi Loren,

I was rather surprised that in this case the jury didn't seem to understand computers at all. I don't know what's more reprehensible -- an "expert witness" that's no expert, a jury that doesn't understand the first thing about a vital technology, or a public that goes ballistic whenever some kids see porn.

Paul said...


That was my thought to -- regardless of whether she's vindicated or not, her career is over.

Paul said...

H iMystic!

I'm going to shamelessly plug your blog by pointing out to everyone here that you are now back up and blogging on a regular basis after having taken a month off. Worth a visit!

As for viynal chairs in motel rooms -- I take their existence as further proof of the national plot against nude blogging!