Sunday, June 03, 2007

"Run For the Hills!"

Some time ago, I decided not to have a TV. So, the only time I watch television nowadays is when I visit Mike. Mike likes his TV, and seldom has it off.

To give Mike credit, he usually hands me the remote, as the honored guest, and encourages me to watch whatever I want. The exception to this "watch what you want" business is Fox News. Mike has to have his daily dose of Fox, and so he usually doesn't hand the remote over until that's been accomplished.

The world just gets stranger when I watch Fox News.

Last week, when I was visiting Mike, Fox was subtly smearing all Muslims living in the country. They did it this way: They had a segment on a group of about 100 Muslims with religious ties to a Middle Eastern cleric suspected of being a radical. And, of course -- being Fox -- they couldn't talk about that group of 100 without ominously mentioning there are an estimated two to six million Muslims in the U.S.

That made me wonder whether, when they do a story about the extremists at Westboro Baptist Church, they feel obligated to ominously mention there are about 250 million Christians in the U.S.?

Run for the Hills, folks! If the Muslims don't get you, the Christians will!


Ed Yong said...

Paul - you might want to have a look at this clip from YouTube about Fox News...

Schwinn said...

I never realized how easily words can be twisted until I seriously paid attention to the media.