Monday, November 05, 2007

Trailer Park Politics

I wonder if Americans will ever get tired of trailer park politics? Will they someday decide that demonizing your opposition, seeing the world in black and white, slandering your opponents, and allowing your ideology to do your thinking for you are no way to run a household, let alone a nation? Or will the disease of trailer park politics continue indefinitely?

Politics has always been a dirty business, yet there are times when it's a dirtier business than usual. We seem to be living through one of those times.

What do you think? Do you see any signs that the trend towards trailer park politics is abating? Or are things just likely to get worse?


Brendan said...

No end in sight, unfortunately. We live in a soundbyte culture where people are overwhelmed with information. If you can't capture their attention in a single sentence or two (no matter how much it skews their thinking) then your message will go unnoticed. And if you can titillate while soundbyting . . . the world is your oyster. Hence the appeal of Ann Coulter.

Paul said...

Al Gore has written that he thinks the soundbyte culture is among the worse things to ever happen to democracy.

Brendan said...

The soundbyte culture is the dark side of the information age. In order to have 259 tv networks, the Internet, more choices in music and film . . . we are bombarded with too much information and too many information choices and it's becoming increasingly the case that the information is fighting for attention, so it has to appeal more and more to our most base nature to get it (and make money for its purveyors). Information is power and with great power comes great responsibility. I'm afraid as a people we have been horribly irresponsible.