Monday, November 05, 2007

Colin Powell on America and Terrorism

"What we cannot do, can never do, is change who we are as a people. We are an open, welcoming nation. So let's not be afraid, America. Let's stand tall, welcome the rest of the world, and show terrorism what democracy and freedom is all about."

- Colin Powell


Brendan said...

Apparently he forgot that Islamofascists are out to kill our children.

Paul said...

Good point, Brendan. Why does Colin hate America?

Webs said...

Hmmm, if only he followed his own words and instead of compromising his integrity by becoming Bush's boy toy.

Don't get me wrong, I like Colin, but I will never understand why he screwed himself.

So Brendan, what's your solution to American foreign policy? Let me guess bomb the hell out of all Muslims right? Kill em all let God sort em out...

Paul said...

Brendan was just kidding, Webs. He's no more of a neocon than you or I.

Brendan said...

Yes, I was kidding. However, my solution is to understand two things: (1)what is great about American "Democracy" is the dedication to the rule of law and not just the presence of elections; (2) the best foreign policy is leadership by example - make the rule of law and stability attractive by being just and merciful and terrorists will increasingly find the world is not interested in joining, funding or hiding them.

What has become of American foreign policy today is a sad rejection of everything America's "Greatest Generation" fought for in WWII.

Webs said...

Sorry I missed the sarcasm earlier.

I like your two points. And I would add to number 2 in that it's more than just the rule of law, but also about stabilizing your own country and fixing it first. Before you go and try to fix other countries.

Part of the problem with the Iraq War is that the American people, I think, are starting to see the war in Iraq for what it really is. Whereas with WWII the whole country was behind it till the end.

i.m.small said...


Con-men fall prey to other conners,
Then wind up making stupid boners--
As even it was obvious
When Powell made distortion thus
Appear as fact--to the UN--
And patsy played for foolish men.

It was a culmination of
So many cons, and that´s what drove
So many people into wrong--
Rogue nation, many millions strong.
Accumulated lies, deceit:
What other end but could they meet?

Once started this infernal war
Unjustly, men marched through the door
Upon a "New World Order" they
Half dreamed that have to rue the day,
But the result of cockeyed dreams
Is but default and dust, it seems.

Webs said...

That was awesome I.M. Small

Paul said...

Thanks for that, I. M. Small!