Friday, November 09, 2007

From Around the Net

Marissa is a 13 year old soccer star who wants to be a doctor. She started a blog a while back to showcase her poetry, but hardly anyone noticed her poetry, which is sad. She's got some pretty good stuff for her age -- albeit mostly angst ridden love poems. Check out one of her best here. And don't forget to post a compliment if you feel she deserves one!

Last week, I linked to someone who predicted the Religious Right in America was on the wane. This week, I'm linking to Ed, who says predictions of that sort are premature. Find it here.

Amuirin has a short post up about Chris Jordan, and artist who makes environmental statistics concrete and visual. Here you go.

Just in time for Thanksgiving -- a new theory of the universe. Specifically, a theory that states time is cyclical rather than linear, and hence the universe is cyclical rather than linear. Interesting reading here.

Trinifar has put up a post that I think is useful and important for understanding the overall role of science and technology in solving environmental problems.

Digby asks a disturbing question about the ability of scientists to communicate their side of the creationism/evolution debate here. At least, it's a disturbing question if you're on the side of science in that debate -- if you favor creationism, you might be dancing a jig after reading Digby.

Ms Ti looks aghast at some of the ingredients in the world's highly processed fast food meals here. Some of the things she finds make Chinese lead paint sound appetizing.

Pr3rna raises a lot of questions about both the role of the state in child rearing and the over involvement of modern parents here.

Oemar fearlessly tackles one of the most difficult questions in aesthetics: When is something porn, and when is something art? The article is here.

Ready for an outrage? Read how some high school students in Illinois were severely punished for exercising their rights as citizens. The story's over at Webs place.

I cannot recall reading a more clear and concise description of the psychological states that can occur through meditation than Mystic Wing's description of them here.

David writes beautifully about the nature of human strengths and weaknesses here.

Traveller analyzes the relationship between loss and our ability to experience empathy here. Although this is an old post, it's withstood the test of time.

I love this photo from Steve. I want it. I covet it. I need it. But when I went to download it for my personal photo files, a mean little sign popped up calling me "Cheeky" and I couldn't download it. Visit Steve's site and make him give it to me! Please! I'll be good and brush my teeth for a whole year if you do.

I have never in real life seen the gorgeous species of ducks Loren captures in these photos.

In a brazen attempt to get more Google hits, Rambodoc offers up many quaint and interesting facts about the human penis here. Little does he suspect, however, that as far back as March, I blogged on a fossilized 425 million year old penis belonging to an extinct species of water flea and I've been getting Google hits off of that one ever since.

AOS thoughtfully discusses the serial killer in fiction and film here, and identifies some interesting trends.

This is an old post, but if you haven't seen it, you haven't lived a full life yet. It's "The Mean Kitty Song" put up by Bibliomom, and it's funny, entertaining, and so witty it's probably illegal in seven countries.

Gary writes about his classes' field trip to an art museum here. The true life story has some nice twists to it, well worth a read.

Harlequinn has put up a personal memoir of how she first got an office job in the Ohio porn industry and then became a political activist because of it -- all without having much love or use for porn.

Chanson has been publishing a novel on her blog in installments. It's a fascinating read, and one place to start is here. But be warned! It's addictive! You can really get into her characters.

Theraaa surprised me with his views on the reunification of Germany. Apparently, Germany is still in many ways divided more than a decade after its political reunification. Read about it on Theraaa's blog before Time Magazine picks up the story.

Brendan posts a well written and comprehensive analysis of the abortion debate here.

Priyank's blog seems to be working this week, something that's not always the case, so jump on this chance to check out his travelogs! But hurry! His blog has a way of going down at times.


Rambodoc said...

My article was a brazen attempt to be featured in the "From Around the Net", and you can see how successful my strategy has been. Google hits: well, I know I am there, and will be there, so I really don't think about it.....

Anonymous said...

"I love this photo from Steve..."

Three Words: View Page Source ;)

Paul said...

Ah, Rambodoc! Once again, you have outwitted me! However, I still think you should blog about 425 million year old water flea penises -- if not for the Google hits, then for the notoriety.

Thank you, Anonymous!

Webs said...

I love reading your "From Around the Net" posts. I look forward to joining you in the spoils of your labor :) .

Thanks for the mention BTW...

Paul said...

Thank you, Webs! And thank you for writing a good article for me to link to!

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!!! :D

Paul said...

The pleasure is mine, Chanson! Your novel has me hooked.

Marissa said...

Thank you so much for putting my name up here! It is really nice to see that someone genuinely liked my poetry. I really appreciate it, so thanks! :]

Paul said...

Naw, thank you, Marissa! It's good to see people getting into poetry -- especially people with your talent for it.

Have you checked out Enreal's site? I think you might like it.

Priyank said...

Thanks for the mention Paul, and I hope my blog stays up this time:)
(Fall is ending, almost)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Paul said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I appreciate the sentiment, but I really cannot accept the photo. I believe in intellectual property rights, and Steve has a right to his photos.

Oemar said...

Paul Paul Paul !!!! I had always dreamt of a post like this... I am too lazy to search around the net for interesting stuff... thanks for the listings and thanks for the mention :)

David Rochester said...

Thank you for the link, Paul, which I didn't notice in my handy links list until today. You're someone whose approbation I esteem.