Friday, November 16, 2007

From Around the Net

Well, I didn't get around to reading as many blogs this week as I usually do. Instead, I found myself wrapped up in less pleasurable things. But here's what I managed to discover nevertheless:

Mo writes about two things that improve brain performance -- physical exercise and socializing.

You might want to take a look at the rather daunting air pollution in Beijing, China, where the Olympics will be held. James Fallows posts three photos of Beijing at noon here.

Chris Hedges writes extensively about the near take over of the US military by the Religious Right. Very scary stuff.

Time for some romance? Here's a short, passionate piece by Rambodoc. Some of the commentators love it, some think it's cliche. Since I don't read much romance fiction, it was all fresh to me -- and thought provoking too!

Anyone who's seen his work knows Steve is an outstanding photographer. In this article, he divulges for the first time the single most important tip he ever received on how to get great photos -- and it's a tip anyone can use!

Looks like the US Catholic Bishops are raising hell this election season. DOF gives 'em some hell in return.

Zeno's true life story of an event that happened in his math class spun my irony meter until the needle broke off and impaled my chest.

I loved this post on a flawless act of kindness written by Marylin.

I think anyone who appreciates Ed's science writing -- and that's probably pretty much anyone who reads his science writing -- should nominate an article or two of his for the Open Lab 2007 Award. He deserves it. His writing deserves it. And you'll feel good for having done it.

Ordinary Girl writes poignantly about the almost estranged relationship she has with her family here. This is so worth reading because it is not only true for so many families, but it's forceful and honest too.

Here's a general link to Robin's site, which in my opinion contains some of the most poetic photography that I've come across on the net.

Mike O'Risal blogs about the Governor of Georgia praying for rain. Nothing like violating the Constitutional separation of church and state to pander to the Medieval mindset.

Chanson has the next installment of her novel up here. In my opinion, her characters are just as alive as my neighbors.

Nita analyzes the root causes of child labor and finds that the causes are not just poverty.

Debra Haffner blogs about a strange case in which a mother was arrested for discussing her sex life with her kids.


Robin said...

I came by to check out YOUR latest and find you've linked to me. (I visit often, but don't always comment.)

Thank you, Paul. That's very flattering and very nice. I'm glad you enjoy the photographs.

Nita said...

Thanks Paul. :)

QuoinMonkey said...

Thank you, Paul. Some really great links here. ybonesy & I will give a heads up to Marylin, one of our Guestwriters. Much appreciated.